Section 12 (photo by Jeffrey Dutton)Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation preserves, protects, and promotes Hartford’s historic Cedar Hill Cemetery. Its art, history, and natural beauty.

The Foundation restores the Cemetery’s historic architecture. It preserves the unique memorial artworks. Protects natural resources and wildlife. Cares for picturesque trees and shrubs. And presents educational programs.

Accomplishments include:

  • Restoring the Horace Wells memorial
  • Preserving the bronze figure atop the Oswin Welles monument
  • Refurbishing the 125-year-old entryway gates
  • Stabilizing the Sam & Elizabeth Colt memorial
  • Preserving bronze ornaments on the Hawley, Laurie, Seymour, Stedman & Veteran City Guard monuments
  • Publishing the book Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect
  • Restoring the Howard Pyramid marble angel
  • Planting over 120 trees
  • Presenting 25+ programs annually