Realizing the importance of preserving Cedar Hill’s significant memorial grounds, artwork, and architecture, the cemetery’s Board of Directors established Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation in 1999. The Foundation’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote in perpetuity the art, culture, history and natural beauty of Hartford’s nationally-recognized Cedar Hill Cemetery.

As advocates of one of America’s most distinguished rural cemeteries, Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation serves to provide an unexpected experience to all who visit. Through the dedicated preservation and restoration of Cedar Hill’s monuments and grounds, the Foundation actively ensures that the stories of history, nature and culture at Cedar Hill Cemetery are, and remain to be, alive and well.

Accomplishments include:

  • Restoring the monuments of Horace Wells and Oswin Welles
  • Refurbishing the 125-year-old entryway gates
  • Stabilizing the Sam & Elizabeth Colt memorial
  • Preserving bronze ornaments on the Hawley, Laurie, Seymour, Stedman & Veteran City Guard monuments
  • Publishing the book Jacob Weidenmann: Pioneer Landscape Architect
  • Restoring the Howard Pyramid marble angel
  • Planting over 120 trees
  • Offering numerous tours and events

Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation recently preserved the marble angel which graces the Howard Pyramid. To learn more about this project click here.


We invite you to support our efforts to maintain and restore the cemetery’s historic architecture, preserve the historic and unique memorial artworks, conserve and protect the natural resources, care for the picturesque trees and shrubs, and present educational tours and events to the public.