Preserving Art

Oswin Welles Monument, Restored 2006 (photo by Jeffrey Dutton)Cedar Hill Cemetery’s impressive monuments commemorate the lives of those buried here and in particular the markers located in the historic sections are creative expressions of Victorian funerary art. Many were designed and executed by noted artists and architects, reflecting the wealth and status of the city of Hartford and those who chose to be buried in its new fashionable cemetery. Some of Cedar Hill’s most noted artists of memorials include Carl Conrads, Richard Upjohn, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, George Keller and Louis Potter.

To learn more about the remarkable monuments that grace our landscape visit the Notable Monuments page via the link below.

Notable Monuments

To preserve and protect the cemetery’s extensive and significant art collection, Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation raises the necessary funds to preserve and restore the historic memorial artworks that no longer have family members to care for them.

In 2002, Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation restored Dr. Horace Wells’ memorial on Section 4 and in 2006 restored Oswin Welles’ memorial on Section 1 (seen above in photo by Jeffrey Dutton).  In 2008, the Foundation completed Phase I of Samuel and Elizabeth Colt’s memorial restoration.  In 2017-18, the Foundation preserved the Howard Pyramid marble angel. To learn more about our preservation activities visit our Monument Fund page.