Cedar Hill Cemetery’s woodlands, fields, and ponds attract many species of wildlife.

Animals include white-tailed deer, red fox, eastern coyote, raccoon, and cottontail rabbit.

Songbirds include the vireo, chickadee, towhee, red-winged blackbird, catbird, and yellow warbler.

Land and water fowl include Canada goose, pheasant, turkey, mallard, and wood duck. Hawks and owls also are a common sight.

The Foundation presents nature programs including annual Bird and Butterfly Walks. To view upcoming activities, click here.


Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote in perpetuity the art, culture, history and natural beauty of Hartford’s nationally recognized Cedar Hill Cemetery.

We invite you to support our efforts to maintain and restore the cemetery’s historic architecture, preserve the historic and unique memorial artworks, conserve and protect the natural resources, care for the picturesque trees and shrubs, and present educational tours and events to the public.