Visitors’ Thoughts

Smith Angel The peace and comfort begin as you enter Cedar Hill Cemetery through the beautiful wrought iron gates. There is a welcome, a feeling that this is indeed a warm place. How easy it is to imagine generations of families throughout Cedar Hill’s history, strolling together through the luxuriant park grounds as they were meant to be savored when designed years ago.

When we choose Cedar Hill for our resting place we hope friends and family will pause in their busy lives to enjoy the magnificently designed landscape. We imagine them walking, letting their spirits absorb the peace. We think of them sharing memories of us, their loved ones, and our souls reconnecting in spirit in this sacred space.

Karin Stahl

I know of no park that equals the magnificence and peaceful beauty of Cedar Hill Cemetery. Through its majestic gates, travel a road that was meant for the living with scenery that seems to come from a fairy tale story – ponds, lily pads, bright colored flowers and tall trees abound. Cedar Hill is a comfortable, welcoming place for everyone to enjoy the grandeur of its beauty. Modernly maintained, the cemetery’s colossal monuments show an elaborate history of the people from the Victorian era through the present. I find Cedar Hill offers everyone history, spirituality, reflection, relaxation and a true sense of well-being if they choose to visit.

David Carrier

As a young girl that just got married, I was very happy starting our new life here at the cemetery. My husband, Bill, and I raised our two wonderful children, Sherry and Keith, at Cedar Hill. Our house was always a great gathering place for family and friends. In the earlier years, we gardened and grew our own food on the grounds. We were a family that enjoyed the out-of-doors. What better place to be than in a house with a 270-acre backyard.

We have always enjoyed our evening walks with our dogs. It really did not even matter what kind of weather we were having; they were always enjoyable times. The cemetery under a full-moon sky is always a breathtaking sight. The monument shadows create a feeling of peace and tranquility. As we both look back on our lives here at the cemetery, we are grateful for the many happy memories of this very special place.

When I close the door to the superintendent’s house for the last time, I’m sure I will have sad feelings; but I will always have fond memories that will never leave me.

Susan Griswold