Leverett Brainard (1828 – 1902)

Leverett Brainard

Leverett Brainard was born in Colchester, Connectcut in 1828. In 1853, he moved to Hartford to assume the role of the first Secretary of the City Fire Insurance Company. Brainard’s most notable business venture was entering the partnership of Case, Lockwood & Brainard Publishing Company. At the time, Case, Lockwood & Brainard was one of the largest publishing companies in New England.

Brainard also served as president of the Hartford Paper Company, director of the Aetna Life Insurance Company, and chairman of the Committee of Railroads – one of the most important committee’s in the state at the time. He also served as mayor of Hartford from 1894 until 1896.

During the Civil War, Brainard paid a young farm worker to take his place in the army so he would not have to go to war. According to Connecticut Historical Society records, Brainard paid Michael Kelley, the son of an Eastford, Connecticut farmer, $350.00 to serve as his substitute in the war. This was perfectly legal at the time, and there was a “certificate of exemption” issued to Brainard and a “form of assent” for William Kelley to allow the exchange. As for Kelley, he enlisted into Company C, 8th Connecticut Infantry and was captured by rebel forces in 1864. However, other papers note that he returned home safely following his capture.

Brainard married Mary Jerusha Bulkeley, daughter of Eliphalet and Lydia Morgan Bulkeley, in 1865. They had ten children. Brainard enjoyed a relatively long and successful life, dying at the age of 74 in 1902.

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Photo Credit: Leverett Brainard, Public Domain