FY2017 Supporters

Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation would like to thank everyone who has donated to our FY2017 Annual Giving Campaign thus far. Your generosity supports our efforts to preserve, protect and promote our nationally recognized cemetery.

Heritage Circle ($1,000 — $4,999)
Katherine H. Brophy (Monument Fund)
David & Kay Long
Sandra J. Mather & Family
In memory of Linwood S. Mather, Jr. & Garrett Gagné
Thomas Mullaney
In memory of Frederick Keating
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Snyder
In memory of Florence & Ed Sorrell

Nature Circle ($250 -$999)
John & Shireen Aforismo
Ahern Funeral Home (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
John & Janet Anagnos
Peter & Karen Arborio (Monument Fund)
Steve Baldwin
In memory of Fred & Helen Koson Baldwin
Thomas J. & Sandra J. Bazzano
In memory of James & Anna Bazzano
Thomas Brown
Keith & Anne Burwood
Maureen B. Buyak (Monument & Tree Funds)
In memory of Joseph J. Buyak, Jr. & Leon Bouchard
Coleman H. & Jo Champlin Casey
Samuel & Trygve Cooley
Ann T. Darling
In memory of William N. Darling
Helen Newell Douglas (Tree Fund)
In memory of R. L. Newell & R. L. Newell, Jr.
Jonathon & Cheryl Ensign (Monument Fund)
In memory of John & Vera Ensign
Anthony W. Erdman
Thomas R. Foley
Fowler Family Fund (Fidelity Charitable) (Mather Reserve Fund)
Martha C. Fransson
In memory of Karl E. & Frances M. Fransson
Beth Gardner (Monument Fund)
Mrs. Harry J. Gray
William & Susan Griswold
Ken & Gail Hamblett (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Russell & Mary Anne Hawthorne (Mather Reserve Fund, Tree Fund)
Mark & Donna Hemmann (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Ken & Awilda Johnson (Monument Fund)
Anne & Ken Kelly (Tree Fund)
In memory of Helen & Stanly Kedzior
Kelsey Family Foundation
Michael A. & Janet D’Esopo Klett (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Sandra A. Lee (Monument & Tree Funds)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
William A. MacDonnell (Tree Fund)
In memory of Margie MacDonnell
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Todd & Leslie Mather
In memory of Linwood S. Mather, Jr. & Garrett Gagné
Charles Monzeglio
Russ Nash
In memory of Matilda Pimm
Len Oberg
Pension Consultants, Inc.
Ron & Connie Robinson (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Buck Rogers & Jack Kelly
David Saling
In memory of August & Beatrice Saling
Mimi Sanford (Tree Fund)
In memory of George Sanford, Jr.
Saunders Foundation
Judy A. Strong
United Technologies
Tom & Rosemary Wall (Monument Fund)
Arthur E. Webster, Esq.
Linda C. Wick

Arbor Circle (up to $249)
Mary Albino & Family
In memory of Lisa, Michael, Antonio & Rosario Albino
Patricia Allen
In honor of Kay Long
Betty N. Alicea
Marica Bok Anderson
In memory of Paul Lott Anderson
Gregory Andrews
Mary Ann Apostle
Margaret Arborio
Karen H. Balko
In memory of Carl S. Balko
Randy Baltz & Nancy Sheldon
Diana R. Barnard
In memory of Katharine Seymour Day
Ramona T. Beckius (Monument Fund)
Jay S. Benet
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Danuta Bielecki
In memory of Mieczyslaw Bielecki
Blair Hines Design Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Blaschke
Don & Nancy Bliss
In memory of Donald & Marina Bliss
Judith A. Bowen
Claudia & Tim Brady
Alice L. Brennan (Monument Fund)
Mary Britcher
In memory of Bill Britcher
Maria Bruks (Monument Fund)
In memory of Jadwiga & Mieczyslaw Bruks
Vera Bruun
Robert Bucchere (Monument Fund)
In memory of Joseph & Mary Bucchere
Inga Buhrmann
Judith B. Burgess (Monument Fund)
In memory of Robert W. Burgess
Joan H. Butler
In memory of John N. Butler
Dan & Rose Camilliere
In memory of the Camilliere-DiSilvestro Family
Carmon Community Funeral Homes (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
David & Valerie Carrier (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Kathleen Cavanaugh (Tree Fund)
In memory of Julia & Charlotte Isham
Gordon Chader
John & Lynn Mather Charette
In memory of Linwood Strong Mather, Jr. & Garrett Mather Gagné
Kevin Chick
Michael Chu
Dorene Ciarcia (Monument Fund)
In memory of Santo Ciarcia
Gregorio Colasacco
In memory of Flora Colasacco
Patricia Connolly
Katie Curiale (Tree Fund)
In memory of Anna Szubert
Patricia C. Denno (Tree Fund)
Verena DiBacco
In memory of Americo DiBacco
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Dileone
Nancy Drew (Monument Fund)
Karen Drost
Stephen J. Dubanevich
Bess Economos (Monument Fund)
Florence R. Ergin (Monument Fund)
In memory of Dr. Michael, Turhan & Meliha Ergin
Harold Erlandson
In memory of Patricia Erlandson
Anne Esposito
In memory of Neil & Raymond Esposito
Irena Evans (Monument Fund)
Mary A. Falvey
Gerald E. Farrell, Jr.
Thomas J. Fisher
Craig A. Fleming (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Betty Ann Fusco
Ida Gall
Robert & Cynthia Gillanders (Tree Fund)
Kevin Gough & Paula Jones (Tree Fund)
Norman & Marjory Graham
Orinthia Grant
Richard I. Greenhut (Monument & Tree Funds)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Nancy E. Grogran
In memory of Irene M. & Howard J. Grogan
David Grunberg
Colleen Gruner
David M. Hadlow
Kathy Haggerty (Monument Fund)
William R. Harrison
In memory of Christopher W. Harrison
Susan B. Hart
In memory of the Korper & DeCamillis Families
Douglas & Nancy Hinman
Laura C. Hobbs
Anthony Hollingshead (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Rosanne Hornyak
Joan P. Hubbard
Russell & Iona Hubbard
Blanche C. Hudson
Sally Newell & John Jay Huss
In memory of Robert L. Newell, Jr.
Anne Isbister
Frederick Jackson
Timothy Jones
In honor of the Linwood Mather Family
Carol & Charles Kalauskas
In memory of Leete & Marjorie Doty
Jennifer Kelley
David & Keyne Kelly (Monument & Tree Funds)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Barbara Kennelly
Judith D. King (Tree Fund)
Dan & Charlotte Krueger (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Juliana Kulak
Halina Kwiatkowski & Wanda Kulicki
In memory of Jozef & Jozefa Czmyruk-Czartorynski and Roman Kulicki
Sonia Lee
Rich & Danica Levesque
Judith Libby
Harry L. Lichtenbaum
Edwin Lomerson
Marianne Z. Lorenzo
Brendan & Mimi Lynch
Marcia Machuga (Tree Fund)
John Mahoney (Monument & Tree Funds)
Josephine Maltese
Alan & Marge Mancini (Monument Fund)
Dr. & Mrs. Peyton Mead
McGovern Granite Company (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Robin H. Milia
In memory of Arthur S. Hildebrand
Judith Mixer
Frances V. Mogelnicki (Monument Fund)
In memory of Robert A. Mogelnicki
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Montstream (Monument Fund)
Patricia A. Moran
Shirley B. Murtha
Newbury Investment Partners
In honor of Mike & Jennifer Hager
Katharine Newell (Monument Fund)
In memory of R. L. Newell, Jr. & Family
William Newell
In memory of Robert L. Newell, Jr.
Gary Ng
In memory of Chi Yuk Ng
Phong Nguyen
Tiiu Nurm (Tree Fund)
In memory of Reet Gruner & Marta Vahenurm
Louise Cirelli O’Brien (Tree Fund)
In memory of Elios & Loretta Cirelli
Reid & Gail O’Connell
Emilia Olejarz
Mrs. Lyman Page
Glen Parchmann
Lew & Judy Parker
Leslie R. Parr
In memory of Alexander Shipman Parr
Tom & Susan Parvenski
In memory of Ron & Ruth Forrest
James Peruta
Ingrid Petty (Tree Fund)
In memory of Lucie & Franz Luenenschloss
Arthur W. Pollard
Beatrice M. Pugsley
In memory of Edward E. Pugsley
Arney Pulford (Tree Fund)
Bruce & Elizabeth Putnam
In memory of Elizabeth & Edward Sanderson Cushman
Reid & Riege Foundation
Edward J. Reynolds (Tree Fund)
Edward A. Richardson (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Louie Robinson
In memory of Helen Robinson
Angel L. Rodriguez
In memory of Carmen Rodriguez
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Romanelli
Anne Bourne Rose
John Rotondaro
Susan V. S. Rubin
Icilda Samuels
Peter & Cynthia Sanders
Gay Sanderson
In memory of Fontanazza Family
Nancy A. Sheard
Sheehan-Hilborn-Breen Funeral Home (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Diana Simoni (Tree Fund)
Angela Smith (Monument Fund)
Robert H. & Sharon W. Smith
In memory of John L. & Eleanor H. Bunce
Marie M. Spivey (Monument Fund)
Jeanne Sposito
In memory of 2nd Lieutenant Peter Sposito & Joyce Alt
Jayne Squellati
In memory of Peter, Florence & John Gorecki
Christina M. Stabnick (Monument Fund)
In memory of Joseph S. Stabnick Jr.
Karin Stahl (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Marion L. St. Germain (Tree Fund)
In memory of Edmund J. St. Germain
Geraldine R. Strong
Timothy & Geraldine Sullivan
Charles A. Surko
William R. Sweeney, Jr.
In memory of Marcia L. Sweeney
Joseph R. Swift (Tree Fund)
In honor of William F. Griswold, Jr.
Huyen Duy Tang (Tree Fund)
In memory of Phung Thi Tang
Barbara Taylor & Brian Czak (Monument Fund)
Charleen Taylor (Tree Fund)
Andrea Thiede
Richard E. Thonnings
Mr. & Mrs. J. Garrett Tilton
In memory of Alexander Yanovsky
Lee Allan Tryon (Monument Fund)
Donald J. Wallock
Stephen Wells
In memory of Ian Wells
Staunton Williams, Jr.
Woodcock Refrigeration
Linda L. Yarrow
Sergey Yelevich
In memory of Natalya Yelevich
Dana B. Young
Melissa L. Young
In memory of Robert Newell
Tom Zangari
In memory of Patsy Zangari
Peter Zimmerman