Henry A. Perkins

Bronze Plaque, Perkins Monument

Bronze Plaque, Perkins Monument

HENRY A. PERKINS (1801-1874)
Section 2, Lot 12

Born in Hartford, Henry Perkins was educated at the grammar school but preferred not to attend college as his brothers had. He instead moved to Rochester, New York to work as a clerk. He soon returned to Hartford serving as a store clerk for two years before entering the banking industry. After joining Hartford Bank as a cashier, he remained at the institution for 45 years, eventually serving as President. He is noted for leading Hartford Bank to the front rank of sound banking institutions.

Perkins’ monument, by the James Batterson Company, features a bronze plaque depicting a crown surrounded by palm fronds. Both Christian symbols, the crown represents the sovereignty of the Lord and the palm fronds signify a martyr’s triumph over death and by extension a believer’s triumph over death.

Recommended Conservation Treatment:

The relief sculpture is soiled and the wax coating is failing. Treatment includes washing the surface and adding a protective coating to inhibit future deterioration.

Conservator’s Estimate: $550, including all labor and materials.To complement the conservation of the bronze element, the granite monument will be cleaned to address soiled areas and biological growth. This work will be completed by Cemetery staff as an in-kind donation to Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation.