Morgan Monument

1888 - 1889

J. P. Morgan Monument

Made of Nova Scotia granite, the Morgan Monument is said to represent John Pierpont Morgan’s vision of the Ark of the Covenant.

Architect George Keller designed the monument. The Bay of Fundy Granite Works began construction in 1888. James G. Batterson and Westerly Granite Works completed the project in January 1889.

George Keller, Architect

Born in Ireland, Keller immigrated to New York City with his family as a child. He trained in the offices of several New York architects before coming to Hartford to design monuments for Batterson. He worked for Batterson from 1866 to 1872.

Keller was Hartford’s leading 19th-century architect. His noted local buildings include the Chapel and Entrance Gates at Cedar Hill, the Soldiers & Sailors Arch in Bushnell Park, and the Charter Oak Cultural Center (Congregation Beth Israel – Connecticut’s first synagogue).


Monument Fund

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