DeWitt Page began his career as a salesman in Hartford and New Britain stores. He later sold insurance. In 1891, he went to Bristol to join New Departure as a shipping clerk.

New Departure Manufacturing Company

The New Departure Bell Company was established in 1889 when Florida hardware retailer Albert Rockwell selected Bristol to manufacture a doorbell he invented.

Renamed New Departure Manufacturing Company, the business which expanded to produce ball bearings for the auto industry, become Bristol’s largest taxpayer and biggest employer.

Page worked his way through various departments, eventually becoming sales manager. As such, he was largely responsible for the rapid growth of the company.

In 1914, Page became general manager and in 1916, president and general manager. Within a few years, New Departure became a division of General Motors. Page became a vice president and director of GM in 1933.


Page was one of the wealthiest men in Bristol. He, and his wife May Rockwell, were very philanthropic. They gave a solarium to Bristol Hospital and land and $271,000 to Bristol for an extensive park.

In 1933, Page endorsed a note for $500,000 for the city, making Bristol’s credit solid. And in 1937, he gave $5,000 towards erecting a grandstand at Muzzy Field.

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DeWitt Page & Babe Ruth, Photo courtesy Bob Montgomery, Bristol Press