George Beach was a prominent businessman and banker.

Early Years

Beach began his career as a clerk for a West India trade merchant. A few years later, he became a partner in the trade business Pierce & Beach. The firm was unable to survive the War of 1812 however.

Phoenix Bank

Beach became cashier of the Phoenix Bank of Hartford upon its establishment in 1814. He continued in this position until 1837 when he was elected president. In 1860, upon becoming too ill to work, he resigned from this position and died less than a month later.

Beach & Co.

In addition to his career at Phoenix Bank, Beach was a partner of Phelps, Beach & Company. When Phelps retired, the company changed to Beach & Co. The company was a pioneer in the importing of dye stuffs.


Beach was extremely generous with his wealth. One of his most recognized gifts was the donation of land on Market Street for St. Paul’s Church and Widow’s Home.

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George Beach, Public Domain