Thomas Hepburn

1879 – 1962

Thomas Hepburn

Connecticut’s First Urologist

Born in Virginia, Thomas Hepburn attended medical school at Johns Hopkins University. He moved to Connecticut for an internship at Hartford Hospital. Upon completion, he accepted a permanent position at the hospital. The state’s first urologist, he established the urology department at Hartford Hospital.

Social Hygiene

Hepburn was committed to educating his patients and the community about venereal diseases. He also advocated for women to have access to birth control. He co-founded the Connecticut Social Hygiene Association, which was dedicated to improving health and eliminating sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


After the death of his first wife, Katharine Houghton, Hepburn married Madeline Santa Croce. Hepburn met Croce while she was caring for her dying father at Hartford Hospital. He had commented that she would make an excellent nurse to which she replied that she only had an eighth-grade education. In response, Hepburn paid for her to complete her schooling. She became one of Hepburn’s surgical nurses.