Beach Monument Preservation

Preservation Needs

The Beach Monument, erected in 1868, was one of the first major memorials installed at Cedar Hill. Now over 150 years old, time has taken its toll on the impressive monument. It is in dire need of preservation.

The highest priority is to address the preservation needs of the four relief sculptures that adorn the pedestal. A microclimate created by existing enclosures has resulted in organic growth, soiling and staining, and areas of stone loss.

South Relief Sculpture

Preservation of the south relief sculpture will include cleaning the marble to remove growth and staining. This will improve the relief sculpture’s appearance and will dislodge organic growth within the marble.

Stone consolidation will be achieved by applying a solution that penetrates the marble to form chemical and physical bonds designed to strengthen the stone. This will stabilize the relief sculpture prior to being enclosed with a new glass system.

This project is funded through a grant approved by the Americana Corner Preserving America Grant Program and Monument Fund donors.

The Monument

The Beach Monument marks the resting place of a prominent Hartford family. Sixty-eight people are buried in the large lot, including leading financiers, industrialists, philanthropists, and even a Confederate soldier.

New York architect Richard M. Upjohn designed the monument. Upjohn is best known as the architect of the Connecticut State Capitol, which he undertook after completing the Beach Monument.

The Gothic memorial consists of a pedestal surmounted by four corner columns and an elaborate peaked roof. There are four relief sculptures, one on each face of the pedestal.

Other decorative elements include pilaster reliefs of foliage, fleur de lis on the points of the canopy’s arches, and a cross at the top. A center sculpture was never installed.

The relief sculptures, which grace each face of the pedestal, illustrate The Passion of the Christ. They are the work of British sculptor John Moffitt. Moffitt also sculpted the Civil War monument of General Griffin Stedman at Cedar Hill.


Monument Fund

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