FY2023 Supporters

Thank you to everyone who supported the Annual Giving Campaign thus far.

Your gifts will be put to work developing new public programs to engage the community, adding trees and shrubs to our historic landscape, and preserving the art and architecture that abounds at Cedar Hill.

Edwardian Circle

($5,000 - $9,999)

Connecticut Humanities CT Cultural Fund Operating Support Grant

Heritage Circle

($1,000 - $4,999)

Peter & Karen Arborio

Karen H. Balko

Ginny Banks
In Memory of Nelson Banks

Katherine Brophy (Tree Fund)
In Memory of James N. Brophy

Chakalos Management
In Memory of John & Rita B. Chakalos

Mrs. Harry J. Gray

Iona Hubbard
In Memory of Russell & James Hubbard

Doris R. Leclerc
In memory of Ronald & Roland Leclerc

Mather Corporation

McGovern Granite Co.

John H. Morgan
In Memory of the Deceased Members of the Edward H. Morgan Family

Mullaney, Keating & Wright, Inc.

Thomas F. Mullaney, Jr.
In Memory of Mary S. Mullaney

The Peter M. Bakker Agency

Reid & Riege, P. C.

Sally M. Snyder
In Memory of Florence & Ed Sorrell

Charleen Taylor

Nature Circle

($250 -$999)

All Waste, Inc.

Ramona Beckius (Monument Fund)

Jay & Jeanne Benet (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Christine Jenkins

Thomas V. G. Brown
In Honor of Thomas Foley

Keith & Anne Burwood

Maureen Buyak
(Tree & Monument Funds)

In Memory of Joseph J. Buyak, Jr. & Leon Bouchard

Carmon Funeral Homes

Close, Jensen & Miller, PC

CohnReznick LLP

Samuel P. Cooley

Helen Newell Douglas (Tree Fund)

Cheryl & Jonathon Ensign
(Monument Fund)

In Memory of John & Vera Ensign

General Paving & Construction Corp.

William F. Griswold

Colleen Gruner

William & Karen Harrison
In Memory of Christopher W. Harrison

Mary Anne & Russell Hawthorne (Mather Reserve Fund)

Mark & Donna Hemmann

Peter Hinks

Kelsey Family Foundation

Sandra A. Lee

Todd & Beverly Lucas

Todd & Leslie Mather
In Memory of Linwood & Sandra Mather

Meehan Family Fund

Bob & Ami Montstream
(Monument Fund)

Charles Monzeglio

Michael Munroe

Nicholas Nepor

Katharine Newell (Monument Fund)
In Memory of the Newell Family

Leonard A. Oberg
In Memory of Diane Oberg

Pension Consultants, Inc.

Matthew K. Poland
In Memory of Jeffrey Scott Capelle

Elizabeth H. Randall
In Memory of the Holsten-Randall Family

Robert M. Finch Giving

David Saling & Lindsey Rutka
In Memory of Beatrice & August Saling

Janet & Jerry Schwartz

Mrs. Peter R. Setaro

Betty Sheehan

Julie H. Slimmon

Judy A. Strong

Robert Tabshey
In Memory of Frances, Tracy &
Theresa Tabshey

Thomas R. Foley Charitable Fund
In Memory of Gordon Fowler

Julian & Allison Vitali
(Monument Fund)

Arthur E. Webster (Monument Fund)

Wethersfield Monument Co. (Monument Fund)

Arbor Circle

(up to $249)

Mary Albino
In Memory of the Albino Family

Betty Alicea

Patricia Allen

Debbie Alter

John Andrulonis
In Memory of Anna Andrulonis

In Memory of Carl S. Balko

Michael Aparo
In Memory of Antoinette Aparo

Margaret Arborio

Randy Baltz & Nancy Sheldon

Carl & Shirley Banic

Fran Barringer

Berkshire Bank
In memory of Garrett Mather Gagne and Linwood & Sandra Mather

Ctaci Belstler-Coleman

Shelley Biancamano

Karen Binney

Donald T. Bliss, Jr. (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Donald & Marina Bliss

Thomas J. Boccaccio

Lynn Boodhoo

Jadwiga Borkowski

Ethel Bouchard
In memory of Joseph J. Buyak, Jr.

Judith A. Bowen

John W. Brainard
In memory of William Welles Brainard

Alice L. Brennan
In Memory of John C. Brennan

Helene Y. Brown (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Henry Kudish

Margaret F. Brown
In Memory of Georgiana Corbin Kohn Ferree

Maria Bruks
In Memory of Jadwiga &
Mieczyslaw Bruks

David J. Brunsell

Joan H. Butler
In Memory of John N. Butler

Ana J. Cardoso
In Memory of Julio Cardoso

Joyce Carpenter

David & Valerie Carrier

Carmelo Carrion

Debra Caruso
In Memory of Carmen J. DeMartino

Kathleen Cavanaugh
In Memory of Julia & Charlotte Isham

Gordon Chader

Sharron Chassie
In Memory of Helen Anna Gagnon

Samuel H. Chorches

Bob & YoungHee Chudy

Dorene Ciarcia

Virginia Clark

Gregorio Colasacco
In Memory of Flora Colasacco

Kathleen M. Coley
In Memory of Geoffrey M. Coley, M.D.

Jerome Collins
In Memory of Neil Collins

Pat Cramer (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Evelyn & Louis Ottaviano

Sarah Crescimanni

Bruce P. Crowell (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Sally W. Crowell

Katie & Steven Curiale (Tree Fund)

Daniel & Rosanna D’Aprile

Danielle Demar

Patricia Denno (Tree Fund)

Bill & Janet Derick
In Memory of Mrs. Barbara Lohner

Verena DiBacco
In Memory of Americo DiBacco

Nancy M. Drew (Monument Fund) 

Richard Duhaney

Bess Economos
In memory of Lea Economos

Carole & Tony Erdman

Anne Esposito
In Memory of Ray C. & Neil R. Esposito & Donna E. Hughes

Irena Evans
In Memory of Stanislawa Miroslaw & Keith Evans

Barbara Filosa
In Memory of Michael Filosa

Ann D. Foley

Betty Ann Fusco

Susan Gagne
In memory of Garrett Mather Gagne and Linwood & Sandra Mather

Glenda Garlo

Glenn Gawkowski

Jennifer Glick

Lawrence J. Gordon (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Pamela A. Gordon

Josephine Gorman

Linda Gorman

Kevin Gough & Paula Jones

Norman & Marjory Graham
In Memory of William L. Winship

Peter Grant

Richard Greenhut
In Memory of Margaret Greenhut

Nancy E. Grogan
In Memory of Howard J. &
Irene M. Grogan

David & Lynette Grunberg

Edward Guay (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Gordon B. Fowler, Sr.

Margaret Gustafson

David & Patricia Hadlow

Ken & Gail Hamblett

George Hatzikostas
In memory of Emanuel, Maria & Michael Hatzikostas

Nancy & Doug Hinman

Laura C. Hobbs

Mayra S. Holbrook (Tree Fund)
In memory of Edwin Mendoza, Jr.

Mary Elizabeth Holden

Joan P. Hubbard

John & Sally Newell Huss

Joan Italiano

Frederic Jackson

Katie Jackson

Mary Jeanne Jones

Russ & Barb Jones

Carol Doty Kalauskas
In Memory of Leete & Marjorie Doty

Jay Kaplan

John & Linda Kehoe (Tree Fund)

Jennifer K. Kelley
In Memory of Jean Kenyon Kelley

Peter & Mary Kellogg
In Memory of Burt & Dotty Kellogg

Anne E. Kelly (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Helen & Stanly Kedzior

Charles T. Kent (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Jeffrey DiCicco

Judith D. King (Tree Fund)

Kathleen King

Sherwin Korey (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Gordon Fowler

Philip & Toni Kostek (Tree Fund)

Pauline A. Kruk

Andrea Kulak

Wendy Kwalwasser

Robert H. Landfear

Jan Larkin

Albert Levesque

Rich & Danica Levesque
In Memory of Helen Pike &
Melina Levesque

Mary & Fred Lewchik (Tree Fund)

Diana J. Logsdon

Mr. & Mrs. Guy Long
In Memory of Isabelle M. Dessaint

Brendan Lynch

Paul D. Lyons
In Memory of Celeste Leone

Elizabeth Mahan
In Memory of Harold & Gladys Williams

Raymond & Mercedes Maldonado
In Memory of Ramon Vasquez, Jr.

Nancy Malinguaggio

Alan & Marge Mancini

Laila Mandour & Rudy Kamm, Jr. (Monument Fund)

Carla Martin

Mike McGarry
In Memory of Marguerite McGarry

John McGovern

Theresa McLaughlin
In memory of the McLaughlin Family

Mimi P. Mead
In Memory of Peyton H. Mead, M. D.

Thomas B. Meek, III
In Memory of Thomas & Penelope Meek

Dimitrios & Megan Meleounis
In memory of Savvas Meleounis & Evangelia Psillakis

Nelson Meredith

Vacek & Jenny Miglus

Robin H. Milia
In Memory of Arthur S. Hildebrand

Ann Mione

Barbara Miranda (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Joseph Miranda, Jr.

Andrew & JoAnne Mitchell

Judith V. Mixer

Tim Monahan (Tree Fund)

Marianne Moore (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Gladys Mae Moore

Maria D. Moreira
In Memory of Manuel L. Moreira

Jeanne & David Mucci (Tree Fund)

Peter Mulready
In Memory of Barbara & Paul Mulready

Mary G. Murphy
In Memory of William F. Murphy

Shirley B. Murtha (Tree Fund)

Russell Nash (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Matilda Pimm

Felix Negron

William H. Newell
In memory of Robert L. Newell, Jr.

Gary Ng
In Memory of Chen Ying Chao

Tiiu Nurm
In Memory of Marta Vahenurm &
Reet Gruner

Louise Cirelli O’Brien (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Elios & Loretta Cirelli

Lynn Ofori

Bonnie & Erich Ohlendorf (Tree Fund)

Charlotte Palmer
In Memory of Rick Palmer &
the Frisbie Family

Priyanka Panjwani

Mary E. Pappa (Tree Fund)

Glen & Heidi Parchmann

William & Sheila Parent

Judy & Lew Parker

Susan & Tom Parvenski
In Memory of Ron & Ruth Forrest

Paula Patterson & Carmen Diaz

Luba Pechenuk (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Vasile Pechenuk

Karin Peterson (Tree Fund)

Ingrid Petty (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Franz & Lucie Luenenschloss

Salvatore & Salvina Pistritto
(Tree Fund)

Luciana L. Pizzoferrato (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Tommaso &
Maria D’Andrea

Linda & Pat Proctor (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Ermalee &
Robert Autenrieth

Beatrice M. Pugsley
In Memory of Edward E. Pugsley

Eleanor Puskarz

Hon. Ed Reynolds
In Memory of Charlotte

Martha Ritter

Angel L. Rodriguez
In Memory of Carmen &
Hortencia Rodriguez

Nina Nepor Rosen (Tree Fund)
In memory of Lidija & Alexander Nepor

Sheryl Rosen (Monument Fund)

Maria L. Roxas

Susan Rubin
In Memory of Elizabeth McClellan Smith

Michael Rugens (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Officer Ciara McDermott

Icilda Samuels

Cynthia & Peter Sanders

Armando & Belinda Santos

Sanford P. & Cassie M. Sauer

Shelley Schuman

Lynn & Sharon Scull

Ruth Shapleigh-Brown

Michael Shea
(Tree & Monument Funds)

In Memory of David & Rosemary Shea

Robert H. & Sharon W. Smith
In Memory of E. & J. Bunce and
K. & J. Parsons

Charles & Susanne Spear

Dr. Marie M. Spivey

Mr. & Mrs. George Stephan
In Memory of Gordon Fowler

Tim & Gerri Sullivan

Charles A. Surko

Huyen Duy Tang
In Memory of Phung Tang

Pamela Taylor

Mark S. Tedesco
In memory of Mary A. Tedesco

Giuseppe Terranova

Helena Tilke

J. Garrett & Alla Yanovsky Tilton
(Tree Fund)

In Memory of Rita Yanovsky

Lee Allan Tryon (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Jean & Lawrence Tryon

Barbara Jensen Vanderlip
In Memory of David & Ann Jensen

Minerva Vargas

Thomas & Rosemary Wall (Tree Fund)

Donald Wallock
In Memory of Ida Wallock

Clara & Alois Weber

Steve Wells (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Ian, John & Eunice Wells

Donald Wicke

Deborah Gladding Willard (Tree Fund)

Staunton Williams, Jr.
In Memory of the Williams Family

Woodcock Refrigeration Co., Inc.

Kathleen Wong (Tree Fund)
In Memory of Gordon Fowler

William Yandow

Sergey Yelevich (Monument Fund)
In Memory of Natalya, Dina and
Victor Yelevich

Melissa Young
In Memory of Robert Newell

Tom Zangari
In Memory of Patsy J. Zangari

Peter Zimmerman (Monument Fund)