Trees at Cedar Hill

Cedar Hill Boasts Over 2,000 Trees Creating an Urban Oasis for the City of Hartford.

Trees Adorn the Landscape

Many trees were imported specifically to adorn the cemetery’s landscape. European Weeping Beech, Chinese Witch-hazel, Flowering Dogwood, Weeping Cherry, Tulip, Magnolia, and Ginkgo are some of Cedar Hill’s wide variety of trees.


Others, such as Weeping Alaska Cypress, River Birch, Dawn Redwood, and English Oak were added during the development of burial sections on the lower slope of Cedar Mountain.

Annual Guided Tree Walk

To learn about Cedar Hill’s trees, join us on the first Saturday in June for our annual guided Tree Walk. Or pick up the brochure, A Guide to the Notable Trees, to take a self-guided walk of the grounds.

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Tree Fund

Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation contributes to the care and planting of cemetery trees. Each year, historic trees are lost due to harsh weather and age. Our Tree Fund replaces these trees with similar species and varieties.