Tree Fund

This fund supports the care and planting of trees at Cedar Hill Cemetery.

Cedar Hill boasts over 2,000 trees representing more than 100 varieties. Many of these trees have graced the memorial grounds for 150 years. New trees are needed to replenish the mature grounds.

Support New Trees

Age and inclement weather have taken their toll. Windstorms, snow, lightning and more have all contributed to their decline. Limbs have been lost. The canopy is no longer full.

With your support new trees will be planted. Trees that will thrive for the next 150 years.

Your generous donation will add trees throughout the cemetery grounds. Red Oak, Sugar Maple, Dogwood, Flowering Cherry, Blue Spruce, and more will be planted.

New Trees Will Fill in Gaps

The new trees will replace tree stumps and fill gaps in the landscape. They will bolster the cemetery’s rural character and enhance recently-developed areas. The trees will contribute to the natural beauty of Cedar Hill. A beauty which brings peace and serenity to all who visit.


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Tree Fund