Charles S. Hastings

1848 - 1932

Charles S. Hastings

After earning his PhD from Yale (1873), Charles S. Hastings studied in Germany and France.


In 1876, he joined the newly-established Johns Hopkins University as an associate. Eight years later, he became Chair and Professor of Physics at Sheffield Scientific School at Yale.

Physics, Astronomy & Applied Optics

Hastings was active in the fields of physics, astronomy, and applied optics. He collaborated with John A. Brashear on the optical design of large telescopes including the 72-inch reflector at Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and the 30-inch photographic refractor at Allegheny Observatory. His optical designs enabled much progress in astronomy at U. S. observatories.


In 1898, he co-authored A Text-Book of General Physics with Frederick E. Beach. He wrote two other books about optics, Light in 1901 and New Methods in Geometrical Optics in 1927.

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