Albert Linder Pope

1872 – 1955

Pope Auto Ad

Albert Linder Pope was the son of Albert Augustus and Abby Linder Pope. He was educated at Chauncey Hall School (Boston), King’s School (Stamford, CT), and Phillips Exeter Academy (NH).

Pope Manufacturing Company

His father, Albert Augustus, founded Pope Manufacturing Company. The company produced and sold Columbia Bicycles beginning in 1878. Pope also manufactured automobiles (1897-1915) and motorcycles (1902-1918). The Pope-Hartford automobile made Hartford a center of the automobile industry during the early 1900s.

Albert Linder

Albert Linder joined Pope Manufacturing as a young man and became a moving force in the industry. In 1907, he was president of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers which was formed in 1903 to develop the new industry.

Unfortunately, Albert Linder was not able to save the company. In 1915, Pope Manufacturing filed for bankruptcy and reorganized as Westfield Manufacturing Company.

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