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Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation invites you to explore Hartford’s historic Cedar Hill Cemetery. Established in 1864, Cedar Hill is a rural cemetery encompassing 270 acres of landscaped woodlands, waterways, and memorial grounds. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Cedar Hill serves as a sanctuary for memorial artworks, Hartford history, and welcomed wildlife.

In addition to offering tours and events, Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation raises funds to ensure the park-like memorial grounds are preserved and protected in perpetuity.

Our latest newsletter – Summer 2020


Upcoming Programs

Cedar Hill’s Board of Directors made the difficult decision to cancel programming through October 31.

After reviewing State regulations for outdoor activities, it was determined that it was best not to offer guided walks or events such as our concert or movie night.

Social distancing requirements regarding masks, spacing, and group size would limit our ability to provide a comfortable program experience. Although disheartening to cancel activities, the Board feels it is best to do so.

Please visit our Tours & Events page for video and webpage links that share highlights from these canceled programs.

Check out our latest videos:

Hallowed History Lantern Tour ~ History comes alive at Cedar Hill. Character actors share true stories of some of our residents. Hear about the 1902 Park Avenue Hotel Fire, the sinking of the Titanic, the origin of the pay telephone, triskaidekaphobia, and more!

Faith, Hope & Memory ~ about Cedar Hill’s monuments representing Faith, Hope and Memory

Angels Among Us ~ highlights a few of Cedar Hill’s most notable angels

Notables ~ highlights a few notable residents including Horace Wells, John Pierpont Morgan, and Katharine Hepburn

A Monumental Man: James G. Batterson ~ learn about Batterson and his prolific monument company

Jacob Weidenmann, Landscape Architect ~ learn about Weidenmann and his innovative layout of Cedar Hill Cemetery

Celtic Cross ~ hear about the origin of this popular monument style

Barnstormers & Aviators ~ learn about the remarkable aviators laid to rest at Cedar Hill

Richard Beckwith,Titanic Survivor ~ hear the story of Richard Beckwith and his family


Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation’s mission is to preserve, protect and promote in perpetuity the art, culture, history and natural beauty of Hartford’s nationally recognized Cedar Hill Cemetery.

We invite you to support our efforts to maintain and restore the cemetery’s historic architecture, preserve the historic and unique memorial artworks, conserve and protect the natural resources, care for the picturesque trees and shrubs, and present educational tours and events to the public.


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